Exactly ten years ago, in 2002, some female graduates of Bayelsa Origin led by Hon. Mrs. Helen Bob conceived the idea of forming a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), Successful Motherhood Coalition of Bayelsa State (SUMOCOB) to address several issues that affects the girl child education in the present society. SUMOCOB existed till 2011 when the needs for the NGO to register with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) arise. Haven met with the current requirements of the CAC, we were finally accepted and registered with the name Successful Motherhood Initiative (SUMOIN).




      •  To initiate programmes that will henhance the health, growth and development of the African Child academically, culturally, socially, morally, skills, technology and sexuality education
      • To promote competitive learning environment,
      • To promote teaching and learning of indigenous languages in schools,
      • To promote African culture in schools,
      • To promote sports amongst female teens,
      • To promote agricultural products of various localities of the state,
      • To promote decentralization of skills acquisition programme in all constituencies.
      • To promote adult education.
      • To promote good health amongst products of unwanted pregnancies.


The essence of this profile is to acquaint you with the aims, objectives as well as the activities the organization have initiated to ensure the health, growth and development of the African Child academically, culturally, socially, morally, skills, technology and sexuality education so that you will have the indebt insight of our activities and partner to collectively tackle series of issues concerning the teenagers education in the present society knowing too well they are the future Nigeria.

 SUMOIN is concentrating on developing the African child because both the male and female are equally vulnerable considering the consequences they both face when it involves issues of realities such as:

      1. The future mothers know little or nothing about motherhood before going into early motherhood unplanned. meaning, the girl child is easily convinced or deceived into early sex, got impregnated, and sometimes compelled to committing abortion or becoming a girl- child mother which affects their future resulting to frustration, heart breaking, shame, fear, poverty, vengeance and death.
      2. Boys who are involved in pregnating these teenage girls are not spared face because they equally face the trauma of being saddled with the responsibilities of fatherhood ignorantly at an early age, there by truncating their future prospects.

It is based on these facts, SUMOIN, came into existence to tackle the issues pertaining sexuality and life as we are convinced that the socio economic status of parents and  lack of a comprehensive sex education is responsible for the alarming rate of unplanned pregnancy, abortion, early child birth out of wedlock, as well as abandoning of children in the refuse, the sale of children as business, youth restiveness, militancy and sex workers whom I named sexual militants (These sexual militants are even worst and more dangerous compared to the ex-militants because they keep vandalizing lives, relationships, homes, families, marriages, communities, and the entire society through sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), setting confusion in relationships, marriages, families, homes, individuals and private sector and the society on daily bases as neither young nor old, rich nor poor, faces equal chances of their lives being vandalized by these girls nor ladies). This aspect of reality in the society today strongly indicates a bleak future if proper measures are not put in place as soon as possible.


SUMOIN felicitate with the Federal government’s amnesty programme for ex-militant as an immediate and temporal remedy to stabilize the production of crude in the nation’s income earnings. This I must say is just a remedy for a period because more militants may emerge or are emerging in the society on daily bases as a result of the products of teenage mothers and young adults who lack parental care, love, character building and comprehensive sexuality education. We are aware that usually products of these situations are children raised in perpetual poverty, pains, anger, and vengeance which higher percentage of them do not have the opportunity to be educated hence involve in street hawking, prostitution, stealing tricks,  rubbery, cultism and militancy as a means of survival. This is indeed a very pathetic situation that requires urgent attention.


However, SUMOIN believe that developing the African Child should be a collective responsibility of all therefore designed laudable programmes on different phases such as:

      1.  Paying courtesy calls and interacting with government officials, parents, community leaders, private sectors, churches, schools authorities, and students and the general society for a better and proper dissemination of sex education information.
      2.  Enlightenment campaigns in media houses in the State which is currently making great impact in the minds of the people as regards sex education which requires serious and urgent consideration to enable us start correcting past mistakes of teenagers learning from friends, internets, blue films, pornographic pictures etc which gives them the urge to experiment on any available female without knowing the effects or the implications of what they are doing.
      3.  Establishment of vocational Training Centers: programmes will be designed to fish out the teenagers that are not educationally inclined and those that are victims of teenage pregnancies that could not continue their education in the rural areas and hand over to government authorities to assist them in vocational education. The programmes will enable us identify  and encourage those who actually want to go back to school and those who do not want to go back to school so that they will be encouraged to have vocational trainings. Vocational Education is a paramount issue SUMOIN is paying strong emphasis on because it is the only way those who had no opportunity of going to schools or the drop out’s can be well repositioned in the society to earn a better living. SUMOIN believed also in decentralization of skills acquisition centre. This means that vocational training centers should not be centralized but decentralized or spread across in every constituency in the state for easy provision of skills service to the rural duelers.
      4. Decentralization of skills: Hence, development can only be true when the rural duelers feel the impact of changes in their lives. In the time past, centralization of skills acquisition centers has barred many from benefiting due to so many factors, as such the impact of the assistance of these projects by companies have not been felt because only few benefited yet no follow up programmes so just a little percentage of them sustained the tempo till date. We also wish that little stipends should be provided for trainees to enable them purchase materials for their career vocational choice as a means of motivation to enable all parties achieve set goals. Therefore SUMOIN with your partnership will make the differences. Furthermore, this is also another means of rehabilitating our sisters that are sex workers to put them off the streets. SUMOIN feels very strongly on this issue as it is time a meaningful consideration being accorded. It is very true that most of the companies have empowered youths in various capacities but SUMOIN is looking beyond this level thereby adding more value to constant goal setting for these teenagers to achieve in life by making the study interesting with regular enlightenment campaigns on sex education and other educational related programmes.
      5. Promoting the agricultural products of the various constituencies as a means of providing empowerment of farmers and fisher men which we shall communicate to you in due course.

However, SUMOIN numerous interaction, enlightenment and sensitization programmes with teenagers from various schools and several stake holders in the State, discovered that unplanned teenage pregnancies is one of the major driving force behind the alarming rate of poverty in the society.


This is because in the society today, we are aware that a child sent to school has bright prospects for the family but when the child returns home pregnant or with a pregnant girl, the child becomes a liability for bringing extra burden upon the family which apparently defeats the purpose of education for that child. This weighs the family down and it’s applicable in most homes.

Similarly, the NGO also identified that the socio- economic status of parents and lack of comprehensive sex education are responsible for unplanned teenage pregnancies which hampers the health and growth of teenagers.

This simply means that the financial status of parents plays a determinant factor for the child’s future considering the fact that some parents who source for the families livelihood and others with non-chalant dispositions fail to monitor the character of their children hence theses children in search of help and curiosity turn to outsiders for help and are usually abused by such fellows who take advantage of their ignorance. Sadly such cases are usually recorded as rape cases from family members, close family friends and neighbors. It is therefore eminent that we all collectively put hands on deck in developing the African child.

Successful Motherhood Initiative